Urbaan Design

Our Current Objective

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Propose a flexible housing solution

for underused shophouses

and historic neighborhoods


Using furniture to integrate with the building

for a variety of using in any users.

Able to construct in a limited area

With a spare part structure.



With Sustainable development with low CO2 Footprint and High greywater usage

Make renewable on-site power generation. Also, promote the safety and comfy of living in old buildings with IoT technology which the owner can connect to the whole house.

Push the design of our solution to heavily rely on ventilation and airflow, a solution for hot climate urban areas.

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Sustainable Strategies

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Rubber Wood

The wood is used only after it completes its latex-producing cycle and dies.

Kapok as Insulation

An eco-friendly material from Thailand with interesting thermal property
comparable to normal industrial grade
Polyisocyanurate Thermoset Plastic.


Taking wind profiles and sun path intoconsideration to enhance indoor climate control. Combiningwith ventilation strategies  to reduce the cooling loads.

Solar Panels and Collectors

Taking the advantage of Thailand,where the solar radiation intensity ishigh, as the primary source of domestic hot water and energy production through solar panels and collectors placedon the roof.

Flexible Furniture

The modular system implemented in the furniture design does not only aim to adapt to the needs of the current residents, but also all the way to future residents with the concept of “Rearrange,
Replace and Resize”.

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